Martin Bosley

I always find flowers by Flowers Manuela to be inspirational – there is always something to notice about them. It’s the details that stand out, and give me pause for thought. Even just the arrangement of some moss or leaves, or the particular way a flower has been used, they are always a joy. It’s impossible not to look at them and wonder, 'What could this be?’. They take my favourite things and use them in ways that are enchanting, wonderful and surprising.

Ri Streeter, Weta Workshop

Manuela and her team at Flowers Manuela are always our first call for any floral arrangements - be it for events, client gifts or crew thank you’s.  Each floral design we order is beautiful, unique, and always adored by the recipient.  Dealing with Manuela and her team is so easy and enjoyable, and the quality of flowers and the creative flair given to each arrangement ensures they are well admired.

Laurence Lamotte, Wedding Client
I turned to Manuela for my wedding flowers and I had the most amazing experience. Her shop is the most gorgeous place in Wellington (you feel so special once you cross the entrance door). And after we decided to book her for our wedding, she also took the time to get back to us, and sit with us, talk and show us samples of what we wanted exactly for the big day. I gave her some pictures for inspiration and the final result was above my expectations - not only did she totally respect my wedding colours and ideas, but she also brought her special touch to make it look unique. What's more important is that she used the NZ seasonal flowers that she had in store to fit our theme. The red roses she provided were of the most amazing quality I had ever seen. They looked so good in our wedding pictures! I will definitely turn to her again shall I need any flower arrangement in the future.

The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand

The table arrangements for the dinner celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Holocaust Centre of NZ, were created for the event by Flowers Manuela. True to their philosophy, the design of the arrangements was inspired by NZ nature and included only NZ grown flora. These beautiful arrangements formed a charming and delicately fragrant focal point at the centre of each table, perfectly complimenting the elegant formality of the ballroom at Government House where the dinner was held. The Holocaust Centre of NZ is sincerely grateful to Flowers Manuela, whose commitment includes support of NZ artists and groups in the wider community working for the benefit of all New Zealanders.